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Xarel·lo Els Regarals Organic

Ecoheritage Estate Vineyards Heretat Laverna

Regarals Xarel·lo Estate Organic White wine

100% Xarel·lo

Estate wine Heretat Laverna
Elegant, fresh Mediterranean Wines.

Winemaking & Label

Dry white wine D.O. Penedès Appellation.
Dry Farmed Organic 100% Xarel·lo grapes;
12,5 % Vol. Alc | 34 ppm S02

Els Regarals Xarel·lo Organic

Els Regarals is the name given to the wines belonging to our range of estate single varietal wines and take their name from natural formations on the calcareous clays surrounding the vineyard which channel water torrents created from rain water flowing down the mountains to nearby stream and affluents of the river Foix.

The vineyard is planted with 20 year old vines on .6 ha plot, with a adequate orientation that grapes are protected from excess exposition to the sun.

Xarel·lo Grape

Xarel·lo is without a doubt the most planted white grape variety in the region of the Penedès. As light-skin grape harvested later than some red varieties, it is generally part of the triad of a blend with Macabeo and Parellada for Sparkling wines.

In its expression as a single varietal wine, Xarel·lo tend to have discreet discreet fruity aromas of white and citrus fruit, wild herbs, minerality and even dried fruit. In the mouth they can be very tasty, structured and with good acidity.

Vintage 2021

On the back of 2020 vintage with mildiu hitting the neighboring Penedès, the 2021 proved to be one of the healthiest in terms of sanitary conditions of the grape. Nonetheless, the absence of rains, even in the hinterland and at altitude, the vineyards struggled to reach maturity without water stress that prolonged itself well into August. During the weeks of harvest, rains did finally arrive but so late, that even harvesting was a problem. The 2021 vintage will be remember for its the drought and problematic collection of grapes.


Grapes were harvested manually and in three different time periods of September with the objective of obtaining grapes with different stages of maturity so as to seek out a wine with balance and interesting structure.

Each collection of grapes is harvested, pressed and vinified separately until each fermentation concludes upon which wine is separated from the lees via natural clarification where upon the blend is made in an inox vat and allowed to rest before bottling at which time very little sulphite is added for further preservation as the wines will rest in the bottles for a period of 6 months.


Certified Organic

Heretat Laverna

Heretat Laverna