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Excavations will continue at the Termas de Laverna

Excavations reveal the Termas de Laverna site thanks to the perseverance of the Escofet family on the Heretat Laverna estate.

A decisive Josep Maria Escofet sought alliance with the archeology cooperative Arqueovitis to excavate further in case on the estate were hidden more objects of historical value.

Interview published LaVanguardia

The value of the remains of Roman baths in such a good state of preservation is something unusual in the Alt Penedès. In the same vineyard, some elements of the Phoenicians have also been found, which indicates that the site was already inhabited before the arrival of the Romans.

“I had a great personal interest in knowing exactly what was on these lands; So many years stepping on this earth and I could not imagine that there would be all this, far from it,” he commented in a published article.”

hallazgos termas heretat laverna
Domus Laverna, excavations will resume at the Termas de Laverna.

Given the findings of the Baths in the vineyard, the alliance with Arqueovitis will continue this spring and the excavations will resume in the archaeological zone to consolidate the area in addition to enhancing the value of the remains found during the 2020 campaign.